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Your Perfect Guide To Kissing Passionately

Who doesn’t want to be kissed? Nobody. Each and every one of us loves it. It has that certain magic that leaves us in a daze. Kissing passionately is truly one magical art. It enchants…enthralls.

Kissing passionately is usually a prelude to a more appetizing and exciting action. Even the acclaimed and brilliant Italian conductor, Arturo Toscanini once said about kissing, “I kissed my first girl and smoked my first cigarette on the same day. I haven't had time for tobacco since.” Kissing passionately brings out the romantic in us. It breaks any love barriers and rekindles dying passion.

For the young and budding love, kissing passionately gives way to the next level of the relationship, and for the old lovers, putting passion in your usual blunt lip-locking activity will surely fire- up that charred sex life. For the young women out there who is looking for love, it helps to know that fifty- nine percent of males would never pursue a relationship if their lip-locking didn’t spark any desire. And for the old love affair, it really doesn’t hurt to give conscious effort to surprise your partner with your once passionate kiss.

For all who needs magic in their relationship, how to kiss passionately is as easy as one, two, three, but comes with a million benefits.

Read through and internalize.

How to kiss passionately:

1. Prepare. The preparation in kissing passionately includes having a fresh breath and making sure that you smell good. So set aside that taco and onion rings. If you’re a smoker, don’t light up prior to your saliva swapping action. It also helps if you have a handy breath freshener. For a more smooth and dreamy experience, soften the lips to get rid of choppy lips. You can lick the dry lips away, or for women, you can use a flavored lip balm.

2. Be confident. The thing with kissing passionately is you have to be passionate about it. No hesitations, no holding- back. You have to approach it in a confident, intense, fiery manner.

3. The kiss. Start simple. Tilt you head slightly to the side to avoid nose bumping. If this happens, just be candid, and smile it off, and proceed. Slightly open your mouth and work the kissing rhythm. Close your eyes and feel the sensation. The sensation is like the music that leads the kissing rhythm.Flow with it. Once the moment is ready, proceed to the French kiss. Gently stick your tongue out and gently move it inside your partner’s mouth. Take note of the rhythm, don’t swag it like a fish out of the water, but don’t make it too flaccid or else you’ll be tagged as inexperienced. While you’re in the moment, you can run your fingers through his hair, and stroke the back of his neck. It makes the lip-locking experience sexy and exciting.

4. The perfect ending. After kissing passionately, very gently, bite the lower lip of your partner for a fraction of a second. It’s important that you do it gently, delicately! This sends a message that you want more of your partner. Then to help both of you relax, but still be in the moment, close your eyes and touch your forehead to his, and be in sync with his breathing.

There you have it, frenzy- kissing lovers, how to kiss passionately. Do well it and do it frequently. Enjoy!

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